We are Company Builders.

We live to build kick-ass products and to put ideas into practice. We love driving innovation and shaping the future. We are your joint venture partner for the long-haul – from ideation all the way to scale.
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What is company building?

company building describes the structured and specifically targeted founding of new companies. Our partners and us act as investors and are actively involved in the development of the new product and organisation. We support the founding team with know how, infrastructure and connections. The focus of company building is to create the optimal environment for the teams and thus avoid common mistakes when setting up new companies. This typically reduces risk and increases the chance for success.


Why company building with mantro is sensible

Company building is the lean, de-risked approach to developing new business units outside of the core of your company.


Our approach to company building

Although we have established processes, for us, each company building case is a little different. While one venture partner wants to enter the market with a finished version of the product, another may want to conduct an extensive ideation phase to find a brilliant start-up idea, which fits their existing strategic objectives. We are ready to support our partners at any step of the innovation process. Together we don’t just find a one-off solution but establish the idea or product as a new business, which will stand on its own. We are partners for the whole process – from ideation to scale.


How do we realize company building?

It all starts with an idea for a new venture. The venture partner, and mantro will invest their own capital into this new company. By combining forces, mantro and the venture partner build a startup which leverages both partners’ capabilities to achieve a competitive advantage.


We combine best practices from design thinking and lean startup

15 years of experience, more than 500 projects and the development of over 23 ventures have led us to our digital innovation process. This follows an investment logic similar to the development of a startup.

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Some quick answers before we get going

So, how exactly will we get this show on the road?
Together we identify potentials, the point of our cooperation and the common goal behind the project. Once we have defined the framework for the cooperation, we start by setting up an individual team for the topic and begin the preparatory work.
What kind of business models does mantro create?
We found companies in which we also trust ourselves. Then we provide support where the core business of our partner companies ends and the necessary organizational structures for new business are missing. Our joint ventures are relevant to the current core business of the partner company and its customers and expand it strategically.
Who does the work?
We focus on business cooperation. In close collaboration with our partner company, we found the new venture with the right people from the mantro team. Thus, we are bundling the entire know-how and joint experience in the new venture. Int his constellation, the team has the freedom to concentrate fully on their venture and to make the best decisions for it.
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Our achievements

New companies
New jobs
100 Mio.
portfolio value
A joint venture with



Raumgold’s smart heating and climate control is already in use with 1000 heaters.

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A joint venture with



Mobiko users have already handed in 1.000.000 € in mobility expenses.

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A joint venture with



With reev, 5.4 million kilometers were driven electrically, saving over 397
thousand liters of diesel.

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Why our venture partners love us

Manfred Tropper

As CEO of mantro, Manfred has already founded more than 23 startups and knows all small and big stumbling stones on the way to a new business model.

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